On August 20th, we will have our 1st day of one to one learning at CIS. We all have been preparing for a year, but now the time is so close.

Here are some sites that may help you prepare for your 1:1 Teaching Experience.


FRIDAY August 10th, repeated on August 13th

  1. 15 minutes: iPad Settings basics--- a reminder and things that you could should share with their students
  • screen shot
  • close apps
  • update apps
    Taking the Plunge
  • notifications- turn them off to save bandwidth
  • accessibility- languages and speak

2. 10 minutes: Edmodo
  • join CIS iPad Users group
  • Answer poll and consider using it for your classes this year.

3. 10 minutes App Share with Shefali
  • appannie.com
  • DPS Surat: iPad app list (this lists apps that are available on the Indian app store)

4. 20 minutes Generating Common Guidelines for the Classroom
  • Bandwidth etiquette
  • Student use guidelines
  • Email etiquette
  • Digital Citizenship

5. 5 minutes What do you want to learn next week?

HW: Use your iPad to create a door sign or a class expectations poster on your iPad, and then we will airprint this at the next session on Monday.

Next week: Webdav --- saving and sharing will be the focus of at least 1 hour of iPad training.