Have you seen one of these?
Okay, soon our Window Desktops are going to "go". They will move to the ES and help learning stations be created in the ES. But before they go, we must have a reliable and consistent way to save, print, and share. In this session, we are going to practice these three skills. We will need to be confident with this, as our students will need to be guided and helped here too.

We will also devise common guidelines for classroom management in the 1:1 environment. We will consistently apply these guidelines for the first month of school, and reevaluate their usefulness at that time. The Responsible Use Policy will be signed and enforced, as will the iPad User Agreement. See those attached below, perhaps even post these in your classrooms.

Saving and Printing

DropBox- Recommended for personal use. Transfer to this from any computer. You own the Dropbox. Links to many, many apps. Has a great way to share.
  • sign up
  • add files
  • download filesphoto.jpg
  • delete and sort files
  • share files
  • send to dropbox-

Webdav- Recommended as a place to interact with students to collect work and to turn in work. Recommended for sharing school wide documents. Can print using webdav. WebDav still need improvements......more will be coming soon
  • link each app to webdav
  • save to webDav
  • Dropin is a public folder for all students and teachers to see. It will work for quick sharing, but everyone has equal rights to delete and add, so be careful with this section
  • Share with a group
  • Delete in WebDav
  • Print a Photo or a PDF- right now, that is all that we can do. We can make most everything a photo, so this should be okay for now. If you did create your classroom sign, then we can airprint now.

Worksheets and Scanning

  • Our Wifi Printer has a scanner than can send a scanned Worksheet to your WebDav account. This scan should be of high quality.
  • DocScan- will help you with an app that makes a pdf of anything you take a photo off.
Photo 0 copy.jpg
GoodNotes, pdf-notes, annotDocLite- all work to allow you to write on a pdf and to save and share.

TeacherKit (formerly Teacher Pal)

  • app for student's grades: great for formative assessment
  • allows for seating arrangements, behavioural comments, pictures, and grades, can also email group from here.

Common Guidelines

Socrative- will be used for this.
  1. Do you agree that all students should keep games and non-school apps on pages 3 and beyond?
  2. Do you agree that all gaming and non-academic apps should be closed during class?
  3. Are there any other rules that should be applied to all users?

Guidelines- make some decisions.

Apps for your students This google doc was sent to all parents with their term end report cards and will be shared at orientation again. Please add any free apps. We can not require students to buy more apps. But they must have pages, numbers, iMovie, keynote, and Comiclife.

If we have time we can keep on creating content for our classrooms and look at any questions.