iPads in Learning. 1pm Feb 25

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For the first time in history, we re preparing kids for a future that we cannot clearly describe. Scott Klososky
Fasten your seatbelts, all electronic devices must be turned off for take-off and landing, stow your tables, seats upright William Rankin

What are we going to do in one hour?

  • QR codes-- Scan and Creator

  • Socrative- a clicker system , also online assessment GO to Classroom 95380

  • Apps. for every grade level Teach me Toddler, ToonTastic, Xperica,

  • Edmodo If you want to join an Edmodo group just to see how it works, please try my Tech Guru Edmodo. Create a student account, and then join with the group code- 78y0np

  • iBooks & Accessibility

  • iTunes U

  • Pages with Maps - Pages is a word processing tool which embeds video, photos, and text easily.

  • iMovie- you have to make a movie in 10 minutes

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