March 17, 2012 Candor School

Welcome to my wiki focusing on iPad as a tool for learning!
During our session today, please feel free to ask questions at any time.

1. Brainstorm a topic with poplet.
2. Find books on iBooks. Use Project Gutenburg and iBooks.
3. Search for iTunes materials.
4. Add images to your library.
5. Create a Keynote.

6. Apps-- pocket phonics, iwritewords, neuannotate, showme
7. iMovie- Core Values
8. Toontastic- create a story
9. ComicLife
10. Garageband

Tongue Twisters:



Session 2 April 21

Is this what we do?

HW: Please choose a topic in your subject area that you would like to re-invent in a more digital and iPad friendly way. Email yourself a powerpoint, a word document, a pdf, and/or a video. Alternatively know how to find these items online. We will create and reinvent these resources to suit the iPad in our next session. Come prepared with your ideas.

Also, please explore Toontastic and Comiclife as both are incredibly easy to use and can be applied through a great variety of subject areas.
Suggestion: Try Socrative, if you get Student and Teacher apps (they are free), we can use these in our next session.


1. Socrative
2. Edmodo & Why 1:1?
3. Create a resource- Comiclife, Pages, Keynote or iMovie
4.Safari- book marking & adding a website to your homescreen, Quizlet too
5.Differentiation- multi levels in apps and in rubrics and in expectation
6. Apps for Different subjects
7. Garage Band
8. iBooks and iTunesU

World Book Day

Earth Day- Story of Stuff and Facing the future.