One to One learning is now almost a reality. This first order of iPads arrived last Friday. There was a "buzz" amongst the students.
What does one to one learning mean?
  • The learning objectives are first. What do you want the students to learn, then can the iPad help them learn this.

1. 10 minute activity
Please read this article.
Please add comments on this article on our Edmodo. rwmben

If you do not have WebDav loaded onto your iPad, please do download this app now. If you don't have PageSend, download this app now. If you do not have notability or annotate neu please downlthis one of these now.

2. 20 minute activity
Creativity - Using Pages, create a flyer for your club for next year. Advertise this club. Aim for the 5 Ws- Share this using WebDav

Peer Share 5-10 minutes

3. 20 minute activity
3rd Term PD Reflection- create a Mindmap, using poplet of your experience..... what worked what didn't- Share this poplet with those at your table- Make sure your poplet has images, typed text, and written text.
Share-10 minutes

4. 30 minute activity- Collect 3 images from the internet that you could use to explain a concept that you teach. Add these to create Pagesend that you can share with your class. Add this to the Public Folder of WebDav. Collect one of a colleague's pdfs to your local storage on your iPad. Collect the Global Perspective teacher peak from the dropin folder. Open it is annotate neu,read pages 23-24. Highlight the activities that you do regularly in your classes. Save annotated notes.
Peer Share 5-10 minutes

5. 15 minute activity
Recommended Apps for our Students - add some apps to this list

6. 20 minute activity
Creativity- Comiclife- Create a iPads in your classroom poster. What rules will exist in your class? Should we have common rules?
Share- 10 minutes

Peer Share 5-10 minutes

7. 10 minutes Apps to consider
Quizzlet & A+Pro

8. Final Activity- Reflection
Choose any app to create a record of all the skills that you have gained in iPad Pd this year.

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